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Grinding teeth?

my 6 yr old son has started to grind his teeth and he doeant realise he is doing it and it is driving me up the wall,ooh the sound its terrible.he doesnt just grind them in his sleep its all day long and i dont know what to do .took him to the doctors but tey said got to take himn to the dentist and his appt.isnt till next week.this has been going on for nearly a mionth now any suggestions or explanation to this pleaseeeee???

thanks in advance

Grinding teeth?
Many children grind their teeth and there is no need for concern and certainly no need for intervention or treatment. It is just a growing thing to do with the new teeth settling into position. Some people would have you buy mouthguards or splints - this is nonsense. Get some earplugs instead.
Reply:take him too a jaw specialist...i am 13 and my mum just booked me in
Reply:night guard,....put it in his mouth, it stop you from grinding. pharmacy has them :) my old roomie had one
Reply:take him to a dentist they will be able to get a mouth guard for him. unfortunatley if he carries on doing it he will get a lot of pain in the jaw joints which will gradually wear away.

Unfortunatley I have a really bad habbit of clamping my jaw together when stressed and the pain is horrible. he suggested that I get the mouth guard but they cost around £300.

maybe you could try and find out why he is grinding his teeth, does he do it at certain times or is it just general? try and talk to him about it.
Reply:Bruxism ( tooth grinding ) is caused by a few things.

1. If teeth are sensitive to heat or cold.

2. Fluctuations in Blood Sugar Levels.

3. Stress and Anxiety.

4. Calcium Deficiencies have been linked to tooth grinding.

Vitamin C acts as an anti-stress vitamin.

Calcium is often effective for treating involuntary movement of muscles.

See book : Prescription for Nutritional Healing

James F. Balch,M.D.

Phyllis A. Balch,C.N.C

This is a book that does not go out of date ,is extremely resourceful and every household could benefit from.

I%26#039;ve used mine for over ten years,it has been revised with all of the original information and a lot of new information,an all natural ,no nonsense easy to use reference book with easy remedies.
Reply:i don%26#039;t know what to say but i feel sorry for you.
Reply:they have this thing but u dont have to but it from the dentist.ok get a peice of rubberish stuff that could go inside his/her mouth but 1st soak it in a kool-aid or somthing so it tastes good and if he doesnet like it tell him that u will take it out and he wont have to wear it if he/she doesnt grind his teeth.
Reply:It may be TMJ or bruzism. but in TMJ, jaws are clinched. During the night mouth guard is better, In day time he may chew the gum or small peiecs of Sugar Cane( we say it in Urdu %26quot;Ganderi%26quot;). or do some exercis of full opening and closing mouth.It will realse the stress from his teeth/jaws, and he will feel relaxe and will not grind more. Your dentist might have other suggestions in fixing it during the day.
Reply:bruxsism in children is mostly due to worm infection. Take him to a pediatrician %26amp; get his stools checked. The other main cause is due to dreams. Get a mouth guard for him.

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Grinding Teeth?

My bf grinds his teeth in his sleep i nudge him to get him to stop it as it ruins your teeth but he does it all through the night has anybody else heard fo this and why do people do it? a dentist would help here if you have any advice

Grinding Teeth?
Grinding/clenching teeth is referred to as bruxism. Bruxism is connected to emotional and psychological problems.

Stress - usually nervous tension or anger - is another cause. Even arguing with parents and siblings can cause enough stress to prompt teeth grinding or jaw clenching.

The first step to getting treatment is to recognise that your bf is having that problem. Having regular dental check-ups will enable your dentist to spot any unusual wear and tear on his teeth, although many people find out about their grinding because they keep their friends or family awake at night.

Bruxism can be treated with muscular therapy to loosen the muscles. The bite can be corrected by onlays, crowns or fillings.

If that doesn%26#039;t work he can be fitted with a special splint or toothguard, which fits on to the lower or upper jaw and is worn at night. An imprint of his teeth is taken and a plastic splint is then made in the laboratory.

The splint works by evening out the pressure in the mouth. It %26#039;re-programmes%26#039; the part of the brain that controls movement, so the jaw doesn%26#039;t receive the signal to start grinding. It also creates a physical barrier between the teeth to protect them from further damage.

What Can You Do to Help?

Whether the cause is physical or psychological, your bf may be able to control the bruxism by relaxing before bedtime. Taking a warm bath or shower, listening to a few minutes of slow music can calm him.

For bruxism that%26#039;s caused by stress, you%26#039;ll need to find out what%26#039;s upsetting your bf and find a way to help him through it.
Reply:Lots of people do it - I live with a family of them including myself. I had to go %26amp; get a device to wear while I sleep because I was cracking all my teeth (5 root canals in 2 years).
Reply:This is quite common!! They say it is usually down to stress and tension. Get him to go to the dentist whereby thet can make up a custom made night guard. This will protect the teeth whilst he is sleeping!!
Reply:The dental term is Bruxing. I do it too. My dentist made a mouth guard sort of like what sports people have, but mine was only for the top teeth. He should ask his dentist.
Reply:I grind my teeth specially when i am under a lot of stress. fortunately my niece is a dentist and she has made me gum - guards and i use them. I can tell you i have bitten them so hard already the one is already wearing thin. It is caused by stress i have been told.
Reply:he could wear a gumshield the dentist can make one for him.perhaps he is in pain and this is causing him to grind his teeth
Reply:A mouth guard should help.
Reply:Stress in many forms...or cocaine usage.
Reply:Yes it is a common problem, they sell things that you put in your mouth and they protect your teeth in your sleep. Ask a dentist about it, but at least you know now that such a thing exists.
Reply:Mouth guard.xx
Reply:Just part of nature
Reply:This is called bruxism and is very common. Annoying, but common.

The main causes are stress or a disruption of the natural occlusion (meeting) of the teeth. Some people just do it.

A hard acrylic splint worn over the teeth at night often cures the problem and is easy to provide but takes a bit of getting used to - worth it though because it prevents damage to the teeth and jaw joints and might improve your relationship!

If he snores as well the dentist can help with that too. Then again if he snores AND grinds his teeth it might be time to trade in for a new model.

Happy grinding.
Reply:Lots of people do it and one of the main reasons is stress another is habit, you can have a gum guard made that will stop the noise and protect the teeth it will not stop the grinding I used to grind mine only it can cause TMJ which causes lots of other problems. I am a severe case of TMJ and am awaiting an operation(check my questions) please try and get him to do something about it NOW as it can cause lots of problems in the future check out and you will get lots of info. Good luck.
Reply:As many people have answered before, it is normal. What no one has mentioned is instead of a night guard, have him ask the dentist about somehting called a Splint. A splint fits on your teeth like a night guard but it is made to stop you from grinding. All the night guard does is protect your teeth from hitting eachother during grinding. Atleast the splint prohibits it. =) I am getting one made in 2 weeks for me. I have to wait thought caues I just had a wisdom tooth pulled Friday.


Grinding teeth?

My 4 year old son grinds his teeth very bad at night. SO loud that it bothers everyone that is near him and I am worried it is going to ruin his teeth. How do I get him to stop?

Grinding teeth?
Ignore the previous answers. Your 4 year old should never get a mouthguard. The risk of swallowing or worse aspirating, inhaling it into the lungs, are to great for a child. Bruxism is VERY common among children and is something the vast majority grow out of. Children can wear thier teeth faster due to the small amount of enamel on thier teeth. Permanent teeth are much thicker and will not wear as easily.

Never use a mouthguard and run screaming from any dentist that recommends one.
Reply:Your son has a condition called bruxism. You have to take him to a doctor and fix that before he gets his permanent teeth or he will grind all his teeth away. Good luck.
Reply:A night guard mouthpiece would work but I would take him to the dentist before any damage is done.
Reply:You can%26#039;t stop it. Sorry. You need to buy him a mouth guard. He needs to wear it while he sleeps. Wal*Mart.

Instructions are on the back.
Reply:get a bite gaurd so he doesnt get tmj(jaw clicking from it) you can get one at a pharmacy or sports store...they may not make one small enough for him though your dentist can make him a customly made bite gaurd so he wont grind his teeth, but most important go to the dentist and get his opinion on the situation..good luck:)
Reply:Now you can buy temporary night guards at the drugstore or pharmacy. I would take him to the dentist before you do this though - because he is so young this could pose as choking hazard. It will be good for him to start going to the dentist and to develop a positive connotation to the dentist at such an early age.









Grinding teeth?

My son is 4 years old and he grinds his teeth, but he only does it while he asleep, i don%26#039;t think he knows that he does it. What kind of effects will that have on his teeth? and how can i get him to stop?

Grinding teeth?
my daughter is 7 and she still does it ,ask you family dentist he can give you a mouth guard thatl stop her from grinding her teeth

its normal for children to do it in there sleep ,but it can cause cracks in the teeth and chipping.
Reply:It will have a long term effect. I would consult a Dentist. They can make him a mouth peice that will help reduce the effects of teeth grinding and stop his teeth from grinding. If it is not treated it can cause TMJ.
Reply:Teeth grinding at night is a common problem. Later on, it will definitely wear down his permanent teeth over time and cause other mechanical issues in his jaw / mouth. The best fix is to have him fitted for a %26quot;bite plate%26quot; from your dentists office. Otherwise he will need some REALLY expensive dental work throughout his life due to the problems caused by teeth grinding.

I%26#039;m sure you can search the web for medical references on the subject.
Reply:My daughter does this also and I just asked the dentist about it. He didn%26#039;t seem concerned and said many, many kids do this and she will probably outgrow it. He said if he saw serious signs of her teeth wearing down then they could possible recommend a mouth/teeth guard but that she would probably spit it out anyway, so don%26#039;t waste the money. I would recommend just making sure you get him to a dentist every 6 months for cleanings and have your dentist keep an eye on his teeth.
Reply:YOU CANT stop it ;it will wear the teeth down; and can start to cause jaw pain , make appointment with dentist
Reply:Definitely go to your dentist. He may need to wear a night guard - a plastic thing that goes on his top teeth. I found out I should have been wearing one and my teeth are in big trouble - cracking from the grinding and worn down and I%26#039;m 33!
Reply:Talk to a dentist and they%26#039;ll help
Reply:my sister did that in her sleep and oh did it hurt my ears so bad and kept me up all night when i lived at my parents house and shared a room but i notice that my son does it all the time even when hes not sleeping so i read in a parent magazine about it and it said that its not bad for there teeth i guess youd think it would be but its not so thats good but just hurtful on the ears just thinking about it makes me cringe like nail on chalk board oh man
Reply:This is a common psychological problem.

Teeth grinding (bruxism) usually occurs during the night. It is because a child, who is by nature submissive in the day, acts out his aggression during the night time by grinding his teeth. The usual history is that of a docile child who is bullied and ridiculed by his peers. Thus he develops a supressed anger, which is vented out in the night.

Helping the child in becoming more aware of his rights and fighting for them plus helping him find other, alternate ways of expressing resentment may relieve this problem.

Organic causes for bruxism includes worm infestations, chronic abdominal disorders, middle ear effusions, allergic rhinitis, anal pruritis. These should be sought for and treated.

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Horses grinding teeth?

I just want to know if any one else knows or has a horses that grinds their teeth.

When my TB mare was a yearling she broke her nose and that is when I noticed that she grinds her teeth. She stills does this at feeding time and when she is mad or in pain. Like I said I just want to know if anyone else’s horse does this.

Horses grinding teeth?
Boy oh boy am I glad to hear that so many people other than myself are hearing this awful sound. It is so annoying to be working a gelding of mine and he starts grinding away, I mean I spend a lot on those those teeth, does he care NO! he just goes ahead and throws his little %26quot;I don%26#039;t wanna work%26quot; tantrum,

I am sorry to say I was happy to hear that you are going the same thing as myself, I am just glad you brought up the subject, I am not alone. Thanks
Reply:there are a few horses in my barn that do this. they do this when they are irritated or angry. its a sharp grinding sound.
Reply:Yeah, I have an old gelding that will grind his teeth when other horses come up and bother him, and as he is waiting on me to give him his food. Terrible sounding. He has to have his teeth done regularly as he wears them goofy, way, way in the back where the vet really has to work to get them flattened out. This goofy ole man also likes to stand and cross his front legs, he scratches his fronts that way too. He doesn%26#039;t use his nose like most do, he just flips his other leg around and runs it up and down until he%26#039;s got it all taken care, lol.
Reply:There are two types of %26quot;normal%26quot; grinding:

first the side motion grinding of masticating grain which is the normal manner of eating grain for a horse,

the second is the same movement without the grain, so that it appears and sounds like an eating movement but not connected to eating.

The former is normal at all times, the later is just a variation of the former.

Inspect the horses molars, and compare to the horses age, and you will most probably find that your horse is within normal range for molar wear.

If there has been a dramatic wear beyond the age of the horse it is a habit or tic activity.

Place forage and water within reach of the animal.

This allows the normal eating process if the horse has a habit or tic of grinding.

Inspect the feces for worms and de-worm the horse. Pin worm infestations may manifest with grinding. This can be tested by applying a piece of scotch tape to the anus in the morning, and viewing it under a microscope or simply treat for this problem empirically.

If you determine the horse is abnormally grinding without food, inspect the hard palate of the mouth for any abnormal alignment, inspect the alignment of the upper and lower teeth, and air passage through each nostril for air flow and noise indicating obstruction.

When bones are broken and have a bad alignment upon healing it can result in nerves being pressed upon under certain conditions abnormally, blocked nasal passages with the equivalent of sinus blockage and infections, chronic pain, and the passage to the ear being blocked.

What you have described could be normal, a tic/habit, or structural abnormality for the trauma you mention.

If there is a problem, and it is structural do to poor bone alignment upon healing, once the abnormality is fully identified it may be corrected by a vet. who specializes in surgical procedures on large animals.

The first steps to do are focus on what you can do to determine if your horse is acting outside the normal, if it is a habit/tic, or a misaligned fracture.

If you have reason to believe a fracture healed out of alignment and is causing this, the next step is going to be looking for a vet with the expertise to diagnose and treat it.
Reply:Mine does this - when he%26#039;s feeling grumpy towards the other horses.
Reply:i have 2 horses that do that and now of many that do that.
Reply:Hi! How old is she now?

Teeth Grinding, is usually not a major issue, but it can be. However it most commonly due to relatively simple issues such as a mineral deficiency, lack of something in the diet, boredom, time for a float, or it can also just be nerves or stress related. When you feed your horse, she may become anxious, which is the case with one of geldings, He will grind his teeth a few minutes after he warms up before a barrel race. When he know he has to do a run, he will grind his teeth, and he will also grind his teeth anytime he gets nervous like a long distance haul or a trip to the vet. When I was training my gelding for barrels, he would grind his teeth when he was not 110% sure if he was doing something right. It started young, and he has carried with him all of these years, its just something some horses can pick up if they are naturally nervous like him.

From what you described, I%26#039;d say that when she broke her nose, she soon developed the grinding as a way to alleviate the pain and it eventually became a nervous or anxious habit. But if this is something new, you should have a vet look at her, she may be experiencing a degree or level or pain someplace and may need a doc to check her out and run some x-rays on that nose to really make sure everything healed up okay.

Best of luck! I hope that answers your question!
Reply:I work at a horse rescue and I have only seen this once from a horse that cribs ALOT but i woulnt be worried but i would call your vet and talk to him or her!
Reply:My 23 year old did this all the time and it got to the point I called my vet about it. My Vet told me that he was doing this cause he was bored or his teeth needed to be floated and well with my old boy it was his teeth needing to be floated and it fixed the problem for us as well as his weight problem he was starting to have. So if her teeth are fine maybe you can see if putting some toys to play with either in the field or stall (where ever you put him for most of the day) will help. If not maybe you can see if its just a bad habit that she got from mom seeing that mom did it as well.
Reply:YEa i no quite few horses that grind their teeth.. if u get 2 worried get a vet out jus 2 check her teeth r ok! xx
Reply:I have a horse named Jury Duty that is a horrible grinder. In my practice I have also come across other equine%26#039;s with this. The most important thing you can do is get together with your vet. Have his teeth checked frequently to assess wear and talk to your vet to rule out neurological disorders. The most common teeth grinder%26#039;s also experience sensitivity to light which can lead to seizures or head tossing and sometimes star gazing. It may be no big deal- but you want to check just in case.

Jury Duty use to grind all night, even when sleeping. I remember some night%26#039;s walking into my barn and hearing this horrible electric toothbrush like sound and going over to his stall to see him laying down, eye%26#039;s closed and jaw%26#039;s just a moving. I eventually made a nice rubber teeth guard and even though he look%26#039;s like that dorky kid that wears the face brace everyone knew in 2nd grade- his teeth are healthy.
Reply:alot of horses do this, your not the only one :)
Reply:take her to the vet she may need to get her teeth floated whitch means her teeth are not even and smooth on the top so the vet will file them down.

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About grinding teeth problem?

i grind teeth at night without me knowing, only when my mom checks on me at night sometimes she finds that i grind teeth a lot. How can i reduce this?

About grinding teeth problem?
Go to your dentist and explain this problem. Be sure to have your mom there also. The dentist will suggest a night guard to help alleviate the grinding. You will have dedicate atleast 2 appoinments. The first will be to take a mold of your mouth (upper and lower), then it will be sent to the lab for the technician to create a personalized mouthguard for you. This procedure is not too expensive and may take up to a week for the mouthguard to be created. It might also need adjustments tp ensure a good fit, but the dentist can do this easily and quickly at the clinic when you come in the second time for the trial. P.S The mouthguard will need some getting used to, but once it becomes a routine, your comfort level will soar. Hope this answer helps (7.5 years as a dental assistant has enabled me to answer this question!)
Reply:There are teeth guards you can buy at stores

specifically for people that grind their teeth at night.

just go out and buy those
Reply:They have teeth guards to stop you from grinding. It is very bad for your teeth. Sorry haven%26#039;t tried them yet but I need to cause I also grind and it%26#039;s killing my teeth
Reply:take calming tea before going to sleep...

also you can go to the dentist and they%26#039;ll create a clear mold that protects your teeth.

its like a teeth tray that you can wear while your sleeping.
Reply:u can get a muth gaurd at your denist, but it mite cost u like $150+ so instead try geting one of those boil mouth guards at walmart, it%26#039;s a lot cheaper and is liek the same thing.

Hope this helps.
Reply:alcohol, stress, caffine, gum chewing can all lead to teeth grinding, i had that problem when i was drinking like 3 cups of coffee a day. I stopped that and it went away, it only comes back when I%26#039;m really stressed now. If you can%26#039;t stop it then get a mouth guard. I think you can get them in drug stores or ask your dentist and you could possibly get a custom one


Grinding teeth?

I try hard not to, but I notice that whenever I%26#039;m thinking really hard about something or am in deep concentration, I grind my teeth and don%26#039;t realize it until several minutes later. This also happens after I wake up from sleeping. I know I grind my teeth because my jaw feels sore. Why does this happen and what can I do to make it stop?

Thanks to those who answer =)

Grinding teeth?
I know little about bruxism but I can point you in the right direction.

It is often considered a psychosomatic condition and largely involuntary. It wears the teeth down and you will probably need root canals eventually.

Hypnosis might work. Therapy, if they can determine there is a root psychological cause might work.

Dentists will make a mouthpiece for you to wear while you sleep, but it won%26#039;t cease the cause.

I%26#039;d check with your dentist first to get fitted for a mouthpiece and then take it from there.
Reply:it feels good doesnt it

Reply:i used to have the same problem. what you need to do is see a dentist and they will tell you what to do. usually they tell you to get a night-guard, which is the best thing to do. try that.
Reply:It can often become a bad habit.

Although many people do it.

Its a certain condition that makes people addicted to it.

I suggest you chew gum or keep gum in you%26#039;re mouth when grinding you%26#039;re teeth.

That%26#039;ll ease the friction with you%26#039;re teeth.

But keep in mind its not a good thing to grind you%26#039;re teeth.

It would lead to sensitive teeth and you%26#039;re teeth wearing out and could be required to get fillings.
Reply:I agree that you should see your dentist about a nightguard because inevitably, this will cause gum recession. During the day when you are clenching/grinding you can gently place your tongue between your teeth and close your lips to help you remember to not clench your teeth. If you get this treated, you may (and will probably) notice less jaw pain and/or headaches when you wake up.